Saturday, June 7, 2008


As Jb puts it, "It happens." But then, so does shit if you believe the bumper sticker, and this week has just been a shit kicker for me. Major life changes have always been a trigger for me. This move was no exception. The last few days before the move I was already in a passive-aggressive state. The two days of the move, I was snappy, angry, bitchy, and hard to deal with. Jb and I went 'round several times during those two days, and even more since the move.

I actually had a small breakdown over not being able to put my own computer together. This from the girl who's always been capable with her own computer setup, who used to troubleshoot computers for her co-workers, etc., etc. This time, though, the wires were too much, and I sat there throwing things around and having a tantrum, all the time looking at the wires like they were some foreign entity I couldn't wrap my mind around. And that pissed me off. I can't explain the frustration. Somehow the fight escalated to me swearing I'd leave Jb -- and all sorts of irrational nonsense.

That night, in bed, when I was far calmer, Jb told me that I couldn't control my moods anymore, that it was worse now than before I went into the hospital. And I feel so helpless in the face of these moods. They overtake me on a whim. I hadn't realized how mercurial my moods had been until Jb pointed it out to me. And at least, at the time, I was in a rational state where I could really look back on the last few days and see that Jb was right. That hasn't stopped the moods, though. We had another fight yesterday, and I ended up sitting in the bathtub for a while. We've already snapped at each other this morning.

The following are among the things that are setting me off:

  • My computer setup: I hate it. It's uncomfortable, too compact, and I have no where to put my feet up, which is crucial to me because of the lymphadema in my legs. But I have no space, and I can't stand that. I can't stand not having personal space.
  • The bed: It is on the floor sans frame. I hate this. It's difficult to get up, and frankly, I slept on the floor on a futon the entire time I was in college and at my ex's place, but I was 21. I'm freakin' 32-years-old. I want a proper bed frame. I'm too old for this shit, and I wake up every day feeling like someone pummeled me during the night.
  • My knee: The osteo-arthritis is acting up. Maybe due to all the rain we've had, maybe because it tends to be seasonal. Either way, it hurts like hell when I'm trying to get to sleep at night, and the computer setup isn't helping any, neither is the bed.
  • Cutting: Jb wants to cut this Ikea bed table we have to give me some sort of setup that gives me more room, but (1) I don't want him cutting up a $200 piece of furniture and (2) it won't solve anything because I need a solid base, like the end of the bed frame, to put my feet up. I've been trying a storage container, but the sucker moves all over the place, my keyboard feels like it's sliding off my lap, and it's uncomfortable as hell.
Also, when Jb brought home the saw and measuring tape to modify the Ikea table, I broke down in a crying fit, trying to explain that it was too much change all at once. That I needed time to test out the new setup, to even see if I liked it. I was so brittle from all the newness. I needed time to get my bearings. I swear to God modifying that table would have been the last straw for me.

So, in summation, the apartment is quite nice with its hardwood floors, its quaint window frames that sometimes need to be propped open, and the wild jungle that is our backyard and which I can see through the kitchen window. It's grown on me, though I spent the first few days walking through the place, touching things, opening and closing things, like some befuddled ghost who's trying to understand her surroundings. The neighborhood is quiet, you can hear birds, but little else. And it smells green and loamy when it rains. The apartment feels homey, mostly because it's one of five apartments in an old house from the 1940s. (This is why it's quaint. I'd swear the cabinets and a few other things hail from the '40s, as does the washer/dryer and the stove.) We've met the upstairs and downstairs neighbors.

All this change makes me feel very Benny and Joon-ish, though, as if I'm Joon: fine as long as I'm in an environment I'm comfortable in, but change anything, take me out of my comfort zone, and I start to flip out emotionally, lashing out at Jb and exhibiting a sort of dysphoric mania: the depression and the anger and irritability of hypomania mixed. It's a little like being in a life raft in a raging sea with a small bucket, trying to keep the water from overwhelming the boat. Unfortunately, Jb's no Sam, and he's not dealing well with my outbursts of late. Not that I blame him, but it does remind me that bipolar people are "three and a half times more likely to [`divorce'] than the rest of the population."

Furthermore, the entire time I was unable to log onto the internet because of Comcast's ineptitude, I didn't write. Even Jb asked if I'd been writing, suggesting I probably should be keeping up with that, that he thought it was a good outlet for me. But I simply didn't want to. I felt like I had nothing to say. When in reality, I had plenty to say, especially to Jb. It just all came out in this destructive, irrational way. And part of me feels guilty about it, and part of me feels like I had the right to vent my spleen. That's the grandiosity: the thinking that I'm entitled to more than other people, that I'm different, better somehow. More and more I hear Jb telling me: "You don't care about my feelings, that I'm hurt. You just don't care." And to a point, he's right. There are certain moments when nothing matters to me but me. As if I'm due more than everyone else. And that's solipistic to say the least.

I do care, though. I just don't know how to show it anymore. I feel like an emotional retard, unable to access certain emotions, while others are making hay while the sun shines.

8:10 a.m. Meds Check

Saw the psych doctor on Monday, the day after the move. Told the psych nurse practitioner that I had been feeling depressed, wishing I were back in the hospital, thinking bad thoughts, but not to the point of having a plan. Just the beginnings of them. I was crying more, acting out and difficult to handle, and not interested in much, despite the obvious need to pack and move. I told her that I know change is a trigger for me, and that I usually go depressed afterward. I'm still sleeping a ton. So she tweaked my meds and actually put me on an antidepressant along with the sleep aid and mood stabilizer. Why I wasn't on one before this, I've no idea. There was also talk of raising my Lamictal because of the anger and irritability, but we never settled on a dosage.

Here's my new list of psych meds:
Wellbutrin XL 150 MG 1x a day (antidepressant)
Lamictal 100 MG 2x a day (mood stabilizer)
Remeron 30 MG 1x a day (sleep aid/sort of an antidepressant; up from 15 MG)
Klonopin 1 MG 2x a day (anti-anxiety)

Other meds:
Benicar HCT 40/25 MG 1x a day (blood pressure)
Protonix 40 MG 1x a day, as needed (gastro-intestinal pain)
Levsinex .375 TIMECP 2x a day (abdominal pain/IBS symptoms)

Add to that the 2 Tylenol or Ibuprofen I've been taking for my left knee (osteo-arthritis is acting up with all the rain and change of seasons), and I'm starting to feel like I need a day-of-the week pill box with separate day and night chambers. Not to mention that you'd think someone with Bipolar, IBS, GERDS, lymphadema, and osteo-arthritis could get a response on her medical assistance application from the county. It does hurt the morale.

Friday, June 6, 2008

And Moved. Thank God.

Been in the new place for, oh, a week now. So much to say about the week it took Comcast to decide we had an apartment, then set up our internet and cable, which, of course, didn't work without another call to Comcast. Hatred of monopolies aside, it's been a rough week. I didn't write anything at all this last week, even offline. I'll have to address some of what happened over the week, including a psych appointment and the tweaking of my med dosage tomorrow.